The Craft of Moisa&Co

We are proud of you can choice Moisa&Co, you can find many different collections of our Permian Moissanite online shop with affordably price.


The color of Moissanite is usually divided into light yellow, nearly colorless, and transparent colorless has three categories: Colorless, near colorless, and yellow. We can guarantee that all of the Moissanite you bought from Moisa&Co is be Colorless and all of our Moissanite Engagement and Wedding rings' color grade is D. And we also can guarantee our products will never ever fade over time.


Moissanite can be processed into a variety of different shapes to meet the needs of different consumers. But the degree of excellence of the cutting process will also directly affect the Moissanite bright fire color. Moissanite in the absence of processing is no luster, only those who have been trained craftsmen to carve out the masterful shine of Moissanite.In Mosia&Co,we provide over 10 difference kind of shape of Moissanite. We use advanced algorithms for facets which influence our Moissanite shape's brilliance. All of our Moissanite has the best reflective and brilliant which are guarantee by Moisa&Co.


Because Moissanite is grown in a laboratory, they usually have better clarity and are excellent looking even when viewed under a 10x magnifying glass. Moissanite’s clarity according to the standards of international Inspection subdivided into LC, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, Si1, Si2, P1, P2, P3 the total of 10 grades. Already inlaid Moissanite divides again for general 5 levels: extremely good, very good, good, and not bad. It is generally recommended to buy SI and above grade of Moissanite. All of our Moissanite are guarantee to be VS1 of the Clarity or better.


Moisa&Co can provide all standard size of Moissanite in our website.And also available for customer design by themselves, we can support the technic help to everyone to make them dream ring become true.